Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bersih yellow T-shirt sudah habis...

Finally the long awaited(expected) warning is out. Despite the fact Nov 10 a peaceful assembly come rally has received permit to conduct such gathering,expected 100,000 to present on that day, government has announced the gathering would be unlawful and public are refrained from joining the march. The announced has been made through the goverment controlled media,namely RTM and Bernama.

Initially the figure expected to turn up on Nov 10th is 10,000 but has seen increased to 100,000 due to mass respond from all non-government organisation(NGO's) and liberal countrymen like yours trully. This figure is devastative to the Barisan Nasional(BN) as it would be the biggest dissident gathering ever held in public which I perceive the reason why an abrupt avert of the assembly legitimacity made by the government. Conspicuously, the police who approved the permit for BERSIH to organise such a mass gathering has not acknowledge such illegitimacy(RTM and Bernama) from their authority yet in order for them to revoke permit since it's no longer a legal gathering. Only the higher authority declared it's illegal.

It appears there's a lack of communication in the authority body,deliberately. It's often common for the government to misled the lower authority body in performing their duty which for the government's benefit but the contrary to the adversary. I(so is others whose going to present on that day) envisage there will be effingly alot of FRU police officer stationed at Dataran Merdeka equipped with shinny new batons and accompanied with few huge water cannons just incase things turn out ugly.

In concern for such predicament fellow attendance going to expect on Nov 10th, words have been passed out that all attendance must bring their camera to capture each and every misconduct contrary to human rights commit by the police as pivotal evidence for possible law suit against the government in the future. Most importantly to capture the picture of any provocatuer to prevent Batu Buruk incident from repeating.

No matter what obstacle the government is going to deploy on Nov 10th, we will continue with our march to the Palace of Justice to submit the memorandum request for a clean and fair election to our royal highness.

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