Wednesday, November 14, 2007

At Masjid Jamek (part 1)

Me and my friend step off from the tube at Masjid Jamek followed by a sheer half of passengers onboard,strolling down few flight of stairs to meet our pool of Bersih clothed compatriots that was just finishing their prayers in Masjid Jamek mosque. Those who wasn't in their yellow T while onbard the tube without hesistant, jumped into the honourable royal Bersih suit as they exit the LRT station and joined the pool of compatriot who was seen very eager to start the historical march.

The crowd at Masjid Jamek begin building its mass as the clocks ticks closer to 2.15 despite the presence of blue uniform police officers armed with MP5 stationed at Masjid Jamek vicinity. Besides that, the obvious presence of trucks belongs to Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) caught most of the participants overawe and amazed at how gigantic this machine were and how inferior we the participants were.

I have to squeeze through the pool of crowd in order to get to the other side of the road so I can acquire more breathing space. Along the "excuse me,let me through" in the crowd, I came very close to a police officer wielding a MP5 who was at that time busy chit chatting with his collegue, in my heart I pray to God please make sure the machinegun don't misfire as the gun was left dangling and was POINTING at me. Within the crowd a guy who just finished covering up his face terrorist style with the yellow Bersih shirt caught my attention and instantly I knew drama is about to start any minute now.

Among the crowd were many bystander who pretend as bystander but deceived by the videocam held on their hands. I presume they are the participants who doesn't wish to expressly praticipate but wanted to be part of the historical event hence the videocam to capture their memorable moment. Though they didn't clad in predominant colour, they still receive my veneration for not being a coward aka countrymen objector and stood for what is right for the country and future generation to come. (I'm still dissapointed with my friend for failing to bring the videocam despite numerous reminder from me)(Soon I'll have a post specifically to bash those who bash me for attending Nov 10th rally)

While checking out the crowd(no bootylicious girls spotted) and taking picture with huge FRU truck,an abrupt roar came from a group of yellow and maroon coloured participants outside Masjid Jamek shouting in Arabian. We're completely muzzied by the crowd as we're oblivious to what's happening within the crowd. The shout of I've-no-idea-what's-going-on soon pervade the crowd. A Muslim veteran stood beside me joined the crowd and shouted a clear pronunciation of " Allah akhbar" into my ears. I was numbed. Since when does this rally turn into a religious one? Then I try to recall the meaning of such infectionest word in my thoughts and within second it triggered me, it means Allah the great! My innocence time spending listening to waktu solat MTV in front the tv and reading the subtitle pays off as it help me overcoming my predicament. As I understood the meaning shouted by my Muslim cousin, subsequently I no longer have the misconception that this would be a religious rally. Allah akhbar is a phrase used by our Muslim cousin where they preach for the God for holy aura to boost their courage in fending off fiend,in literature meaning XD

Moving on, the crowd gets hyped up within second. It's like a scene of New Year eve where the crowd shout the count down consistently but in this picture, everyone shout " Allah Akhbar".

Alamak...mengantuk dah.sambung lain kali ya.

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