Thursday, November 15, 2007

The sexist day

Today when concluding a problem question in tutorial class,

Me: Today's lesson is...women are trouble-maker.

Girl friend: Hey, you're so mean. That's not true.

I grinned and continued,

Me: Police shouldn't arrest the driver since he was compelled by the wife to speed above the speed limit. The wife instead should be culpable for the accident occured.

Girl friend: But the guy have a choice not to listen to her,ya know

Me: The guy as I said earlier, was compelled, as in duress in circumstances that if he refuse to react to the command, his marriage might be in jeopardy in the sense the wife will file a divorce against him hence he have to sever his savings to pay for the financial support requisite for the wife in such proceedings.

Girl friend:'re so bad and keji.

Me: Haha..I thought girls love bad guys wasn't it?. Well, I'm just being honest here if not you want me to lie is it?

Girl friend: Well...

Me: You see! Girls like boys lie to them cause that makes them happy so that we can give in to you. Guys have no other choice but to resort to lying just to please you bunch of people. Guys are being used against their own will. The lying now has become our habit inrreparably.

Girl friend: Hey, not all guys are like that okay (I presume she was refering to her *cough* loyal boyfriend)

Me: No, admit it. Girls love guys to flatter them with lovey-dovey mouth to ear whispering speeches and deceitful promise that are uncertain of its prospect enforceability cause that elevates them . Guys have to lie in order to please you girls.

By then, she was frowning and pouting already and I was elated to see her expression. Did you notice how I prevented myself from acceding that guys love to lie ? Instead I make it a point to bash the female species for making the guys to lie because girls love deceitful speech as that makes them happy and superior.

Anyway, above conversation was spurted out only because I wanted to agitate the girl friend of mine. If you notice the implied note in my speech, I was merely indicating that despite guys lie, all is because we want to see our love one happy (your forever love sugar bunny etc etc or any geli nickname you can think of for your significant half) and there's nothing much happier than seeing our significant half happy.

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