Sunday, November 11, 2007

Opportunity knocks only once

I had the most wonderful experience in my 20 year of life. It's exciting as well. There is no words can best describe my current feeling other than exultingly glad and elated to participate and be part of the historical march of 100,000(some can't make it due to massive jam around KL city) that no liberal countrymen like me could ever forget.

Able to experience for the first time what it feels like under the umbrella of conscious supporters,to fight for a similar cause regardless of race,is one hell of an experience money can't buy. I'm able to feel the tension no other countrymen objector(coward)could ever feel. The thrill and excitement will forever instilled in me and it's a story I would love to tell to my next of kin about my

However sadly I've to say, I didn't manage to capture on video an ugly scene where FRU indulge into brutality when confronting our fellow Unit Amal(aka protector of BERSIH rally)from dashing towards the Dataran Merdeka as I was pretty shocked and shackled when it happened 10 metres in front of me. I was stunned at that point of time because FRU are threatening them with M-16.

I was among the fated one with the opportunity to capture a likelihood stark evidence of police brutality for other members of the public to see.However, fate wasn't on my side. I would like to ask for forgiveness for my omission towards my beloved countrymen because all I get was this picture. If I have a videocam with me I would have done what I should have done. I only possess a poor camerahandphone with lousy video feature.K800i that is. All the crucial evidence is only capable of being adduce orally. My apology to everyone.

I would start writing a proper blog regarding the historical event on today onwards. Before that to be possible, I would like to express my grievest dissapointment to my company(you know who you are) on the historical day for failing to bring a videocam as I've requested/emphasised earlier and for his semi-bold semi-coward unintelligent assessment of the rowdy and frenzy situation(aka panic for no apparent reason) and to his pointless effort for carrying a digital camera when he doesn't know when and what he should take picture of. TAKE PICTURE OF THE FRENZY GATHERING NOT AFTER CROWD HAS DISPERSED!!!!!!!!!!

Coverage of November 10th march will only be done in amass in cyberspace. Ignore mainstream media. They are not going to report you anything benevolent about the entire event. Visit following site for better knowledge of the entire event.

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