Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick update

Currently using Maxis Broadband 7 days free trial. My house currently still out of internet connection hence I have to use Maxis Broadband to online lo..

To my surprise it has archieved 2.7MBps. Can't trust all this figure right. Later they gonna be as slow as streamyx so I'm not convinced yet to change to Maxis Broadband.

On another note, PAS just won Kuala Terengganu Parlimentary seat which is expected. The sign was clear that PAS won, it's not that I'm really that confident that they have won. But at 8pm all the mainstream media announce the vote is still counting and this is which gives me a strong belief that PAS has won even way before my friend sms me the official result at 9.45pm. As usual and predicted, if BN won they would definitely tak sabar-sabar wanna announce their victory.

How hard does it takes for you to count a constituency's vote? whole day? They are really insulting our intelligence by trying to feed us with lame excuse.

As I was writing this post, Maxis Broadband has proved my witch's prohecy that it always disconnect and indeed it has dissapointedly disconnected before I even could connect for a peaceful 10 minutes. I'm happy to tell you Maxis, I'm so gonna return you back after this 7 days free trial. Oh anyway, thanks for the free trial again.

Wahlan..Maxis Broadband archeived 7.3mbps by the end of this post and it's still climbing.Siao.

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