Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SS15 Burger Shop

The other day I went to Subang Jaya to try out the much talked about SS15 Burger Shop near Asia Cafe. To my surprise, their burger goes beyond what I expect. It's taste deserve my two thumbs up recommendation.

The burger they sell is superb nice. Really value for money. I've never tried such a delicious burger for decade already. Cheap burger I mean ( pointless comparing their burger with TGI's or Nandos because both came from different market section )

Photo taken from bangsar-babe's blog

Their burger is absolutely filling. You eat one burger there is equivalent to you eating one McD medium set . I ordered their most expensive burger Double Cheese Chicken Special and it completely overpowered my choosy taste bud. I like their burger very much because they put alot of ingredient in it so there's more to bite and their burger ain't your typical Ramly burger's quality. Besides that I also ordered their nugget due to high recommendation from my friend. And indeed again, their nugget really caught me by surprise. Their nugget is not covered with ordinary flour for nugget but was covered with rice flour that make its outer crust layer crispy exactly like the Fish n Chip.

Their burger definitely value for money. I've pledge myself to frequent their shop atleast once a month. Alot of rich bimbo with weak sense of taste will find their burger rather normal or bland but not to me because I don't compare their burger with high class burger. I based my judgment according to their own respective field. Street burger against street burger. I will never compare a street burger with restaurant burger. That's bias if I do so.

For a street food, I would generously give them 4.5 out of 5 star for the food's specialty.

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