Friday, September 14, 2007


I've this particular girl friend that always gets on my nerve. She always question my capability and often "sound" condescending whenever I present my view. She's the only girl that could step on my tail without me able to deflect those harsh cruel malevolent sarcastic words used upon me. It's so unpalatable when she always ask question that I can't answer except giving in to her. Question that only leads to one answer which is utterly damning against me.

Despite the argument and despication, I still love going out with her because it's an everyday challenge to actually someday I can get back to her. The usual defense I had whenever she got me speechless was, "I start to have this feeling that you're(girl friend) a guy who loves to see girl(me) suffer".

This is the only moment where I feel I was physically born as a male but biologically a women. I'm so frail. Unable to fight back. A sudden sissy[ness].

Anyway, I personally feel she will turn out to be a successful women someday because she has the criteria,potent psychology and high self-esteem, that could bring her up onto stage of success without avail. So I hereby giving her my full support in her endeavour

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