Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ghost of law

I stumbled upon one of my mates MSN display pic. He erected a buddha statue photographed from alleged one of Singapore's temple that have 100 buddha statue displayed at the same time. Curiously I inquire further. Below is our electronic conversation.

Me: Are you a Buddhist?

Mate: Ya

Me: Are you scared of ghost?

Mate: No. What makes you say that?

Me: Then what you need that buddha statue on your msn to guard at?

Mate: Lol...(Typical reply)I took it from a Singapore temple. I find it fascinating. The temple have around 100 piece of similar statue erected,for your info.

Before I could reply.

Mate: There is no such thing as ghost. Those who study legal should know.

Me: Since when does the law assert the non-existence of ghost?

Mate: -_-" I don't know la.....

The froth that I get myself into, priceless.
(Initially I written statute instead of statue. A typical regurgitation effect)

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