Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm so titillated (edited)

Windows Live Messenger suck! Uber suck!

Tried one red brownish Oakley spectacle at KLCC. It was freaking cool, on me! Hehe. The sexyness in me was undoubtly complement with its presence.

Tried another dark brownish Calvin Klein spectacle at KLCC. It was freaking nice, on me! Hehe. It awefully brings out the sexyness in me too.

Chicks definitely gonna dig it I tell you. Too bad I didn't take picture of it or else, everybody gonna melt in front of my *cough* Super-cool leng chai without objection hot look .

Both of the spectacle arouses me. I'm gonna w*nk....

Oh wait...better stop or else something extremely dirty gonna come onto my blog (pun is intended)

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