Monday, October 1, 2007

Alternative to bribe

I beg to differ from using the word bribery in our life anymore because the word carry an illicit meaning which I found in itself dirty. I propose we instead use the word generous brutish settlement to replace the verb when we offer some money to traffic warden so they would omit their duty by not giving us a speeding ticket.

A settlement sounds more friendly and exculpatory. Isn't that what we want from our police force, to be a friendly enforcement? Well, not friendly towards high time criminal of course. We want a police force which is user friendly and approachable so that the layman could assist the police at catching the criminal (as oppose to traffic offenders)

A slight info about law, the perception that you're classify as a criminal subsequent of violating a traffic offence is utterly wrong. Criminals generally are those who commited a serious offence against the community(state) that either incarceration or capital punishment is sufficient to deter the conduct from repeating. It also send a message to the public about the severe consequence if the rest of the public ought to do the similar crime.

If you have violated a certain traffic rules, you're not a criminal. You're merely a traffic offender. It's still a miles away before you're given the "criminal" title in your identification card. For the layman's info, you are under a contractual term with the state from the day you receive a driving license. The contract resolve around where you have to renew(pay) your license validity in order to perpetuate the road and "promise" to abide by the traffic rules(contractual term). Whenever your driving license is expired, automatically your contract to use the road will ended and you will be classify an illegitimite road user. In a nutshell, failure to comply with a traffic rules(contractual term) doesn't make you a high time criminal because contract is a civil matter while crime is public matter.

However some might contemplated whether being granted a citizenship amounts to a contract and commit a crime against a state should therefore amount to failure to oblige his contractual term. In concern of this, you don't have to pay in order to be granted a citizenship. Hence it's not a contract in citizenship grant.

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