Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dewberry flavour

All this while I hate perfumes because I dislike the strong chemical-laced odour perfume released as I find such smell unnatural. Irregardless whether it's CK, GUCCI, LV or Prada or whatever famous perfume brand out there I will still find them irritatingly distasteful. In my own dictionary, those body perfume is termed as smelly.

I only savour natural smell.

Perfume often turns me off because perfume is like make-up, they create a boundary between me and the natural sense of the cosmetic product user. I wouldn't fall for a girl just because of her make-ups or the fragrance of her perfume. I find such cosmetic products sheer deceiving because you're basically inducing opposite sex via a facade something which is not naturally produced by your body. Imagine kissing a girl with heavy make up on her face. Eewwy...

To raise a note, there's nothing like a smell of fresh air in Cameroon Highland. Arh..those natural fresh air smell. It helps me to relax all my senses. Bring me go to cloud nine.

Beside body perfume I also avert from room and car perfume. Those picit2 perfume tak boleh tahan.

However, recently I've developed a strong liking towards one particular unique natural smell that is dewberry. It doesn't have strong smell merely light in nature. Such taste really indulge me the freshness smell of a dewberry farm. Everytime I smell it, I feel very ecstatic. Now I can't live without smelling it. Shit. I'm being possesed by this smell. There must be a witch somewhere out there trying to control me using this good smell. Total loss of inhibition.

Anyway, I'm getting myself a dewberry perfume soon. Not matter what it takes. I want my room to be filled with dewberry's smell!! ASAP

Small note: I may have mixed up the difference between perfume and oil scent but tak kisah la...janji i love dewberry

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