Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movie Review: Drag Me to Hell

Drag me to hell.

Comment: It's been awhile since I last saw a nice horror movie like this. Seriously it's horrifying. It worth every penny you pay for. This is those type of horror movie which no one should watch alone. If you got the balls of steel to get a DVD to watch this show at home, at night, alone. I just wanna wish you good luck not to wet your pants or worst shit in it and most importantly don't abruptly turn off the DVD player after watching the first 10 minutes because that's what a whimp will normally do.

It really will give you serious shock if you ever watch it alone. Yesterday I was watching this movie with a friend of mine, there are 3 couple sitting around us. And all 3 girls from the respective couple got shocked, jumped up and screamed throughout the whole film. I've never seen such synchronised kind of reaction for a long time already. Imagine all 3 girls scream and jumped up at the same time. There's one girl that literally jump OUT from the seat she sit.

The scream these girls produce it's not like "arh..." , it's like "ARGGHHHH!!!!!" type of scream with damn high pitch voice. Girls, it's shocking for you to watch this show without the company of your boyfriend. Take my word for it.

Anyway, back to the film review away from the envisaged audience reaction for this movie, the director really played well with the superb scary sound effect and introduced new scene or method to scare the viewers which I say it's quite a fresh idea introduced by them uniquely different from all the boring expected typical scary scene other horror movie has out there.

Drag me to hell if I'm not mistaken can possibly be related to chinese Hell Lord - Ngao Tao Ma Min (Bull Head Horse Face) and this is just a western version for you.

Oh yeah , on a last note, this movie has quite a number of grosteque scene so if you plan to bring food into the cinema make sure you finish it up first before you watch this show. And lastly how many star will I personally give for this horror movie? 4 out of 5 star.

A musst watch horror movie otherwise you will be horrific outcast.

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