Sunday, June 7, 2009

Public Message: Skewed facts about police

Do not go out late at night because you will either become the victim of rempit menace or POLICE's brutality. When the sun is down, the police is hardly the protector of crime but could possibly be part of the instigator of crime. In Malaysia, numerous incident has taken place where police will forcefully detain you , beat you up for no apparent reason( there's a hidden reason.please continue reading ) and drag your skinny lil ass up to the police station and continue wallop you.

The reason why police are acting like a thugs because it HELPS THEM to do their job effectively. In the sense it help them to complete their investigation to nab the REAL culprit. I had a friend who had bad experience with the police whereby he was forcefully being drag to the police station without given any reason, and force him to participate in an Identification Parade for rape offence and was release later after he narrowly escaped from bring mistakenly identified as a rapist.

You might have always wonder why when a gruesome snatch theft or house break in incident is covered front page by the press, the police happen to be suddenly so cekap at nabbing the culpable individual within hours. That's freaking fast. If they are so efficient at catching theft how come they can't catch criminals whom victim's experience doesn't get published in the press? It's can be partly true to say the efficiency is because insurmount public pressure demands them to but NOT ALWAYS TRUE.

The answer is simple. Malaysia police despite their self-proclaim having the best intelligence team on earth ( making CIA,FBI and Interpol looks utterly stupid by saying this ) they are nothing but a licensed criminals. What makes you think police can catch the RIGHT snatch theft when the motorcycle the criminal use is a stolen property and there's neither a CCTV nearby the scene of the crime? You think police will go and ask around the so-call underground people to find out who did the act? There are millions of drug addict out there. How can you possibly identify which drug addict/youth/sadistic did the act , if not possible if he's not affiliated to any gang. See the logic? Put yourself in the shoe of our dearly police officer, how would you solve the crime? Does the circumstances of the case favours the prosecution or more towards the criminal?

The way to solve crime in Malaysia is pretty simple. Get an escapegoat. In any event if the police can't catch the real criminal in order to pacify public outcry, the police could reasonably get any individual with previous past criminal record to coerce him into admitting the crime he didn't commit. That's so simple. The public sentiment are easily exploited by this trick . Basically an individual can be publicly prosecuted due to the stigma of his previous crime but not justice in the sense he had commit the alleged crime. The victim and the public do not care whether is he the real criminal for the alleged offence or not as long as they get to see someone are held responsible ,they are happy already. Therefore, justice apply to the victim and his family but not the innocent individual with previous past criminal record.

Even if they knew the criminal are innocent of the alleged crime but not other unrelated offence, the public will nonetheless likely to unreasonably allows the miscarriage of justice to proceed because the innocent criminal should deserve it since he has dirty records. This is the public perception that we grow fond with.

Police impropriety has always helped the police to do their job more EFFECTIVELY. The use of coercion to force innocent lowly paid foreign workers to admit to crime they didn't commit is the similar tactic police use to covered up most of white-collar crime like the murder of an undergraduate by the son of Malaysian politician who hold the leading role in defending BN's policy in Parliament. His name starts with the initial N. Go figure out yourself.

If they wallop you until like this, will you admit? They don't need a Guantanamo Bay to force you to admit to a crime. Our police station is a comfortably the right place to exercise such skill of kasi you blue black in the eye.

Tapi hor....if you don't arrogant and corky in front of police officer ,they won't invoke their discretion to wallop you under wide arbitrary power confered by virtue of "reasonable suspicion" ground. So the situation is you give and take. You don't mess with police they also won't have reason to beat you up in pulp.

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