Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chivalry is dead

Girls impulsively alleged that chivalry is dead. I'm flustered by such callous remark because it outrightly implicit a derogatory assumption towards the male gender that we no longer courteous to women anymore but at the same time I would cackle at these snot-nosed's self-induced stupidity without themself actually realising the fact. Those who hang on such belief is utter nimrod.

Chivalry has never die. It will never die for christ sake so long as the human race is still distinguishable by two contrasting gender. It's disparaging to say that men no longer be courteous, irresponsibly claimed by a bunch of destined-to-be-spinster-for-life women because chivalry is very much still alive. Men has always been treating girls nicely even till now. Men will always treat girls nicely because we're naturally born that way. God created Adam to compromise with Eve. Chivalry is innate in men because the law of human nature equip us with such inborn knack so that it will help us to reach our inclination to procreate. Men are born to love women. By attacking one of the essence of men's role in the law of human nature, these bunch of despicable women are culpable for treason to the God.

Ok. Let's not try to be so divine here. XD

Anyway, I'm trying to let you know the point that chivalry will never die and the reason why some idiot say they are dead is because these bunch of despicable women are too demanding and expect too much out of guys. They grew smarter by days by hour by minute by second which sadly I would say corrupted their rational pretty much. We have been treating you people nice but yet you say chivalry is dead because you expect extraordinary chivalry . That's why you say it's dead. You're blinded by your own ego and materialism wishing only the best for yourself. You self-centred bunch of despicable women. You need to brush aside your ego in order to apprehend chivalry.

Women always expect men to open door for them then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to buy them flowers then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to tuck them up to sleep then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to pay for the meal then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to not quarrel with them then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to accompany them to shop then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to tell them how much they love her then only it count as chivalry. Women always expect men to help them at doing house chore then only it count as chivalry. Women expect men to be able to read their thoughts then only it count as chivalry.

You think men are supermen ar ?! We, men, do not express our chivalrious that obvious in most of the times. We are being chivalrious whenever we tolerate your nagging eventhough it's wee hour into the night. We are being chivalrious whenever we clean up the mess you make. We are being chivalrious whenever we refrain from engaging a feud with you even after you put our faces down in front of your bimbo girl friends.

Men are chivalrious because naturally their instinct is to want the girl to be happy. Men happy whenever women happy and men sad whenever women sad. Whenever men treat girls nicely and unannounced, and in my opinion that's the pinnacle of all chivalry.

Your extraordinary expectation from men is prohibiting you from tasting the real chivalry. If you have found the right and only one person whom you think qualify to be your soulmate to spend the rest of your life with, you will never question the integrity of the meaning of chivalry because the right person will unquestionably give you the best treatment no other men could give and no girl could resist. If you still complaining that the guy you let your hand had a way with isn't chivalry enough to you well my dear poor friend, you and him is not meant for each other. A right guy will always be chivalrious to their second half. It's an undisputable truth. Have you found the right one?

Girls sighing in pensively will say nice guys can no longer be found anymore. They are either taken or married. Well, it's not absolutely true. Yours trully is a nice guy and I have few more nice guy friend and yet none of us are attracted to you,why? Reason is simple. We will never get arouse by you no matter how frequently you flash your seductive white tigh and curvaceous ass before us if you continue having such a snobbish attitude. Girls who are narcisstic and doesn't appreciate themself will never get to taste chivalry in their life. Nice guy also have brain. They only choose nice girl. If you find nice guy not coming towards you it is because you are not nice to begin with. Start evaluating your own personality already.

( I avoid citing example how guys be chivalry unannounced to the girls because I wouldn't want to be tampering with the sacred love experience everyone ought to savour hence jeopardising the sanctity of men women's mating game, otherwise women will get smarter and when they are able to envisage what's coming then this will cause the guys having tougher time to win their heart. I won't betray my own gender :p )

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