Monday, June 8, 2009

God of Racing goes to.....rallyist

What the fuck!!!

This is by far the best of the best , the most insane, lunatic, and amazing drift run I’ve ever seen in my life. All those myth and fantasy about Japanese being the Heaven that produce God in drift racing is clearly being debunked by this

Indeed, I would concur that rally driver is always the best driver on earth. They are the real God of Racing. Ain’t your good for nothing commercial valued F1 racer Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher etc etc. Even GT racer have to bow in reverence to rally driver. Only those who can handle high speed performance car and able to make insane move with the car within second is the real God of Racing.

That’s the reason why for all this while I don’t watch F1 racing because those are not really about car racing, its entirely about money racing. The only race that could test a driver’s talent is through GT racing and rally but Rally is the ultimate driving machine to test one’s driving skill. No doubt about it.

Everytime I watch F1 racing I feel like barfing at the disgust they have turn the art of racing into. Speed so fast for what when you are bound to slow down at corners like everyone else,taking the same speed at similar turning style. Boring is not the element of entertainment okay.

I personally is a big fan of rally racing. The way those rallyist tackle the corners is mind-blowing and heart-stopping. The ridiculously insane small gap in between the car and the spectators and the edge of the mountain cause a sudden oozes of my pre-teen cum out while my jaw dropped overawe. That's the thrill and ecstatic of watching rally racer go all the way out to reach the ending point within the shortest period of time. Better than watching porn. Rally is about precision and accurate driving style which combines both offensive and defensive element of driving to create a wave of dance move. Therefore, rally is an art.

Subaru Imprezza has always been my favourite rally car because it's light and swift. My first race car that I'm going to buy definitely an Imprezza.

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