Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The other day I had a small pep talk with a girl on msn where she relayed to me about her numerous experience with boys who have ulterior motive wanting to have a way with her. You know, the scenario where a typical playboy only want what’s in the girls pants and will immediately dump her once they get what they came for. Anyway, the reason why I'm writing this is to create awareness and to help you to pre-determine exactly when a playboy is lurking beside you so that you can be prepare not to fall for their dirty sex-capade trick. If he gets you pregnant, you will be at losing end not him.

She told me these type of guys are very immature as they adopt the common tactic to pick up girls and she personally find this rather bland and not unique at all. On the other hand, from the way they bring up themself you can safely conclude that they're here just for the sex but not for love because they present themself like a gigolo would present.

Here's few example how to distinguish them.

These are the common phrase they will you use to attract young innocent virgin girl

1) I'm handsome and girls like my body very much. Do you like them?
2) I only like pretty girls
3) Do you know how much I miss you? Do you miss me?
4) Did I already tell you that I'm good looking?

Heavy self-praising is their way of picking up chicks. We both concur that the best way to decide when a person is a playboy is when he say "I love you" before deeply knowing you. If he doesn't know her full name what makes you think that he's even sincere in having a relationship with her. These type of playboy only fall in love with girls outer beauty but not their inner beauty. So long as the girl is pretty, no matter what it cause he will abuse the word " I love you " in order to get what they came for because the 3 robust word will hit any girl's soft spot as biologically women are relationship oriented creature.

And when the girl reply that she's not interested with him because either he's not her type or she's with someone already, the guys usual respond will be

1) Oh..I'm so jealous of that guy having you to love him. I wish I'm him

Their scope of conversation with girls more or less are very orthodox. They can't engage into talks on topic beside how much they love you. They will get stucked if you ask him about general topic, mechanical, politics, science or cooking. All they know is how to flirt and pamper you with words on how pretty you are without respecting your dignity. Better yet his own dignity.

He will focus only on both person’s outer beauty pushing for the idea that only the pretty and good looking ones are meant for each other. Imputing you and him are destined for each other. This is easy trick because mostly girls are easily fall prey for sweet talk.

This is the type of guy I would just say it to his face " if you want to get laid so much try going to the club and pick up those frequently wasted rich girl cum prostitute and get her pregnant at your pleasure . May you contract flower in your future sex endeavour ." Peace out.


sasa said...

hmm.. true..
ya those conversations are really typical and they really start liddat! haha.

Cnigel said...

you encounter before leh...haha means i not chui sui liao hehe

sasa said...

but luckily u r not one ><

Cnigel said...

wah....if i becom playboy ar..i think erm...i would be damn tired to hell haha...

JunJun-Riko said...

u got cally become play boy or not sin??? hahahahahaha....

Cnigel said...

wah...if u siong min u can try out n see 1st lo...haha