Thursday, January 7, 2010

Annual BBQ Session

This is probably the most humiliating annual bbq session for the habitual attendant . Everyone has their own fair share of being chided around for incompetency by newbies. How embarassing. Thanks for reminding us how lazy we are. *Chuckle*

Our usual year end annual bbq session set for 2009 was delayed to early Jan 2010 as such time better fits with everyone's schedule.

It is the most anticipated event of the year, well as far as I'm concerned, because there will be foods all around for us to barbeque and the ample opportunity to allow our cooking knack to get the better of us. I love to masak-masak, didn't you know?

The food we have for the night are such as the usual lamb chop, chicken wings, sausages and sting ray. Beside that, we also have assorted type of french fries and fruits to fill our tummy up while waiting for the meat to cook. However, despite there's an unorthodox absent of potato and corn from the meal table but fret not as this has been duly subsitituted with the fresh presence of garlic bread, sweet potato and bacon that is completely new for our bbq food list. ( We're still under the vetting process to form the best bbq food list )

Our usual bbq session will be completely dull if without the cock and bullshit talk we need to share with each other. Discussion of the latest body wear - crocodile shirt - and that someone's prospect of becoming a full-time maid for the Yew family is inevitable. Imagine having to clean each and every corner of that bungalow is simply mind-numbing.

I even have problem cleaning my own house , don't say about your bungalow la....

What's a reunion session if getting wasted is not the primary objective ?

We played the ruthless game called Piramid. The rule of this game is simple. If you lose all you need to do is just drink. No hard and complex rule. So closed cards will be placed on the floor to form a piramid structure and later these cards will be opened one by one starting from the lower tier and up till the highest tier. Each player will be given 2 piece of cards in order to obtain a compatibility with the cards on the Piramid structure. If there's a compatibility , there's when the punishment starts. If the compatible cards opened falls within the odd tier of the Piramid, it's condition that the person whose turn has opened that card has to drink. However, if the compatible cards opened falls within the even tier of the Piramid, ,the person whose turn has opened that card will get to force others to drink. (This is the best part of the game) The higher the tier is, the more severe the drinking punishment will be. The punishment may goes up to 6 gulp of liquor so imagine how stressful this game is. More stress than working.

In this game, you are required to pair up with a friend whom your friend will then be your best way out of not getting drunk too fast as you get to share the punishment together. But take an advise from a well-experienced victim like me for it's not the drinking that's killing you, but it's the wrong choice of partner that kills you.

This lesson will serve me for the rest of my life. (Sibeh Oja I let you kik sei ngo). Never accept a partner who talks too much. Well, if he can avert the peril of drinking away from you then he's mostly welcomed but you wouldn't want blood gush up to your brain for the consequence you did'nt asked for . Overall, it's an enjoyable game. We all have our ball of time and much appreciate for the happy memory you guys left me with.

Ah Wang's girl-girl.

Guess what lives inside this cage. You might on your first thought think its a bird as prima facie its a bird cage to begin with otherwise the second bet would be either a hamster or a rabbit . But guess what, none of the above guess is correct.

This cage actually belongs to a


ja said...

ala...i pun let you kik sei. pass the drink to you, you go pass back to me.

hahaha....anyway its a fun night la. not because of the game but the companies. and you being my partner. LOL.

Cnigel said...

memorable night indeed

wong Jon said...

We love him very him that night!!!he is so MAN!!!hahaha

ja said...

who you talking ooo wonghon? you drunk again ar? LOL.

wong hon said...

of course i'm talking about u..ssh...hahaha