Sunday, January 24, 2010

9/11 resurface in Malaysia

Damn. Malaysiakini beats me to it. I was going to ask the same question when Dr.Mahathir comes out of the closet and accede that 9/11 was a staged attack. Actually the issue of whether 9/11 is a staged attack has long been concurred by the majority of well-informed US citizen that it's indeed a self-inflicted wound just to invoke a reason to go for war and they can't do anything about it. Just like The Pearl Habour. The video Dr.Mahathir was referring to when making the public statement has appeared in the net for more than 6 years now . This comes to show that Dr.M was only recently an internet savvy. The mentioned video can easily be found in video google.

If Dr. M accede that 9/11 can be staged provided you have the right resources, then the same goes to Anwar's trial or even the pre-meditated Church arsonic attack. Who has the powerful resources to ensure such drama can be carried out so diligently without flaw in the naked eyes? If you're in control of the army and police, not to forget has a hidden hand behind every mainstream media that's pivotal to propagate an ideology that only favours the whims and powerful , no doubt with such confered power you can pratically do anything you want at any scale ,be it benevolent or manevolent, and no one can do anything about it. The judiciary is your puppet.

If Dr.M accedes that conspiracy theories somewhat carry substantial weigh to explain a phenomena then this would mean the conspiracy about some fella bombing a Mongolian interpreter after he refuse to pay out the agreed commision over the purchase of submarine to the interpreter should also carry the similar weight as 9/11 conspiracy.

What is a conspiracy theory you may ask? Conspiracy theory is an explanation made out from a bulk of evidence that has connecting dots among them and it reveals the hidden truth behind what is actually potrayed.

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