Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suicide or not suicide? Or rather how it should be

If you say leaving a note behind before someone fall to their death is sufficient and strong conclusive evidence to infer that someone has commit suicide, it then begs the question why is there difference in the surrounding circumstance between Datuk Sosilawati's friend ,Sarina Jaafar, commit suicide that doesn't leave any suicide note with Teoh Beng Hock which purportedly to have leave a suicide note behind precede his fatal fall? Yet both death are classified as commit suicide.

Sarina Jaafar didn't leave any suicide note behind and the forensic are quick to conclude that she has commited suicide whilst in Teoh Beng Hock's case, the forensic are relying hard on Teoh's alleged suicide note ,which the Defence counsel are currently challenging it's authenticity and the intention behind the note if they were ever genuine, to prove that Teoh has actually commited suicide thereby release the MACC from any criminal liability towards his death.

What I wish to discuss today is the suicide note was ,according to phsychologist opinion ,would usually be written by anyone who contemplate to commit suicide. However, this expert opinion has now subject to its most formidable enemy that is the self-evident truth. If we apply the same logic propounded by psychologist opinion that everyone who commit suicide would leave a suicide note behind, the substance to the theory are now becomes questionable as Sarina Jaafar's case prove otherwise.

(I like the conspiracy theory this blogger has raise in regards to the intention behind the alleged suicide note which I find very fascinating for fictitious minded person to read)

The "Suicide note shall be written before someone commit suicide" theory will now be put to a test. If this theory is correct, then Sarina Jaafar should have leave a suicide note before she hang herself. Isn't it? However the reality depict otherwise. There's no evidence or suggestion so far that Sarina Jaafar did ever left any suicide note behind and therefore at this moment it create the presumption, which is rebuttable, that Sarina Jaafar has commited suicide without leaving any suicide note behind.

Therefore, we can safely come to the conclusion that one doesn't necessary leave a suicide note before he/she commit suicide. My contention against the expert opinion.

But here's the twist to it. (Phrase copied from a women who get flustered when people suggest her class starts at ungodly hour)

Now, can anyone tell me what's the one and only evidence or rather an event that took place before her death which I have deliberately obliterate in describing Sarina Jaafar's suicide case that will eventually prove that Sarina Jaafar actually commited suicide?

The first who give me the answer will receive my kiss!

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