Thursday, August 30, 2007

Clubbing ghost

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I heard this story from a friend of a friend of mine.

It happened in KL city centre. To be precise, near Jalan Tun Razak on Hungry Ghost Festival night,26th August 2007.

A chinese citizen cab driver was on his last cruise around the city centre for customer. He's the breadwinner of his family,supporting 2 still primary schooling daughter. Life has been tough for him since his wife has gone back to where she came from, back to God.

It was late at night.3 am. The only profitable area would be the predominant clubbing street. He drove over the speed limit,jumped queue and beat the red light without getting caught by traffic warden.

As he was speeding along Jalan Tun Razak, he noticed a lady walking by the roadside at a sedate pace.Alone. Clad in all white flabby robe. Untied curly hair dangling across her face. Her body curve comes into vivid as drizzles rain starts soaking her robe.

The cabbie stopped by her side and wind down the window to offer his service. She seems deliberated however enters the back seat without a single word muttered by her.

Rain starts pouring down. The cabbie soften the radio to enquire the destination while adjusting the rear mirror to get the image of his customer.

A lump of fringe covering the eyes of an enigma lady leaving a pointy nose and seductive lips is reflected in the rear view mirror. She sat quietly at the corner she enters. Few second has gone yet no respond about his enquiry.

"Jalan Loke Yew" she said softly. Soft voice of a sweet introverted teenage girl would sound like.
The cabbie shift into first gear and gets the meter running without any suspicious. Rain is pouring heavier each second. He has to turn the windscreen wiper to speedier. It was dark in the sky with perpetuate dashing of heaven cries, headlight was utterly useless.

He speed across the pours relying on his driving intuition. A slight misjudgement could send the car skidding.

He shift his focus into the rear mirror to check the lady out as being a typical lonely father who has enormous sexual desire to fulfill and a harmless lady with curvaceous body figure sitting at the back,he can't inhibit.

Shockingly, the back seat is empty. Neither side of the seat is occupied.

He stomped the break hard in fright of what he just saw. Frantically ponders back. He think he just gave a lift to a ghost! If it isn't, then where is the lady then? He numbed for a second. Fearing for his life, the driver sped off immediately while mumbling chant for blessing and seek God for forgiveness whatever sin he may have commited.

This is what you may encounter in the middle of the night on Hungy Ghost Festival.

As he continued speeding, he took a glimpse in the rear mirror and indulged in reminiscene.

"Arhhhh...!!!", the cab driver shouted frantically. Swerving the car up to the pedestrian walk way in respond.

He saw the lady that disappeared a minute ago sitting right at where she used to but this time she looks different. Her face turns bloody. His scream shrieked all over the interior. Screaming like a pussy.

"Can you stop shouting you ?!",the bloody lady fumed.

Almost dropping his jaw, the cab driver asked, "Why...why.. your face got blood one?"

She replied, "I knock against the seat when you sudden brake while I was picking up my dropped phone from the floor"

Cabbie driver,"Oppss...sorry"

Haha...lesson of the day, don't sms too much. It could hurt you someday.

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