Monday, August 27, 2007


Mom: Hey, you(refers to me)

She caught my attention away from The Firm,local version of The Apprentice, that's showing on TV at that time.

Mom: Next time when you've started working, you must buy me this diamond. (pointing at an advertisement in the Chinese Daily)

Feeling flustered I scowled into her eyes.

Me: Dream on la..

As expected, an agitated mother will start with her grandmother lecture on you.

Mom: Yer..boy(my brother) You see this child. So unfilial. He forgot all the times when I have to wipe his butt ,earn money for him to spend, cook for him to eat, etc etc. What a self-centred ungrateful kid.

My brother obviously didn't layan her rant.

Me: Gila kar you? Next time the diamond will be bigger and cheaper la...(obviously its a lie) Still buy you this tiny diamond for what

Mom: Oooh okay okay. You say one ar...big diamond.

I really have no idea why the female species are so attracted to diamonds? Didn't they know how much blood had spilt in the process of getting it onto sales? How many African has been made slave and deprieved from democratic lifehood?

Don't ever buy diamond for girls,guys. Just bloody hell lie to them for the sake of mankind.

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