Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Die Die List

The games that I die die also must play. In random order.
1) Call of Duty 4

This Counter-Strike look alike game will definitely tapao counter-strike in gameplay,sound effect and graphic wise. Call of Duty 4 developer is funded by the US military to create a game that compatible with real battlefield atmosphere that meant to train the gamers to become US' future alternative soldier. This virtual training game hopefully would encourage youth to join the army and die for the country.

2) Guitar Hero 2&3

3) Harmonix Rock Band

What's so great about this game is it's a party game. A game that puts the players into a rock band group and jam it all the way to their rock fantasy. This game requires a guitar controller(guitar hero's is applicable) a drum controller and a microphone for the vocalist. The microphone ain't like your typical RedBox type. It can detects voice and finger tapping. Estimated investment will incur RM650 if you're buying original gears for this game in Malaysia. It will be much cheaper if you get it from Europe and that's what I'm planning to do.

It would be my biggest investment in gaming. This game already a hit in Europe and US. You get to create your alterego avatar and travel around the world(gameland) to compete with others(AI).It's a worth buying game.

Check out the official songlist review.

4) Killzone 2

The most anticipated game of E3 2007.Arh!!! They're waiving its release again. People would kill a granny just to play this high vibrated sound effected war blasting game. I just can't wait to blast this game with my dad's home theatre system.

5) Gran Turismo 5

I'm buying this game for the sake of collection. Gran Turismo is famous for its real driving simulation and graphics. Not planning to finish the game though.

6) Grand Theft Auto 4

Any emo insane person would know why we should play this game.

7) Metal Gear Solid 4

Well, it's not my choice but rather my brother's. Ask a MGS die hard fan and they'll tell an hour long story why they like it so much. I'm easily bored out by stealth action entail in MGS.

The games that I die die have already played. In random order.
1) God of War 2

Insane. The best immortal game I've ever played. You play as a God of War who resurrect from death killed by the ugly badass Son of Zeus( if I'm not mistaken) You get to fight against Titans. Yes, example those villian you see in movie 300. The superb scenery makes you drool badly asking for more

Also,it's the only game I find surpass final fantasy's CG.

2) Killzone

3) Gran Turismo 4

My all time favourite racing game. Game that focus on graphic and real driving simulation system. GT4 constantly be played by F1 and GT racer as a form of virtual training prior to the real life championship.

4) Bully

The best graphical game Rockstar has made so far. This game is similar to GTA but here you get to play as a bully who graduates from a high school and finally takes out his adulthood as a holligans. This game doesn't promote violent like gore killing but limited to physical brawl.

All the above choice is assessed according to graphical and gameplay wise. Best setup when playing all the games would be combining a 40' inch HD TV,recommendably Sony and Panasonic, with a home theatre system and a nice comfortable couch.

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