Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Livid mode switched on

WARNING: Profanity.Not suitable for underage

I despise getting involve in an accident which not due to my dangerous driving but because of inconsiderate kiasu rotten chicken dickhead that pervades our driving community. I hate getting scolded when I was compelled to act under the duress of circumstances.

Why people like to disturb the peace of my life?

Why can't you all drive far far away from me?

Park your car diligently please,you mother fucker and stop being so damn chat kiasu ok onot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is the bandaraya when you need one? Give me the damn saman book and I'll do the job for you.

My 2 months salary gone just like that.FUCK!!!


Anonymous said...

lol the bandaraya was just next to my house today. Sabotaging a mamak stall which had been there for some years. Poor pak cik. but poorer hingwai.

Cnigel said...

anon:ada aunty need sexual service ar? i need to make few bucks pronto!

Joanne said...

R u still ok?wanna serve aunty for sexual service?better find young gals..keke~

Cnigel said...

joanne:young gals dun 1 me dats y i've to find're young or old?haha...

Anonymous said...

lol..then cant help u also..slightly older than u but still young.. =P