Saturday, August 4, 2007

Subaru Club not for kids

A friend of mine was recently charged for consuming alcohol together with entering an adult entertainment club while being underaged.My friend,lets call him Tommy, was unfortunately caught during a midnight police raid. I'm not sure whether should I call him unfortunate or dumb because normally we club goers who is clearly aware that we're still underage would have had few inside informers to let us know when a police is raiding. Normally these inside informers works for the club has dealed with the police officer to stage a raid just for report sake.

Tommy's story is a hilarious one. He decided to go to Subaru Club on Labour's Day eve on the reason he doesn't have to work next morning. Due to his in-excellency of date choosing, he was bound behind bars for 3 days before release on bail before a magistrate court. According to law, a suspect can be detained maximum up to 48 hours. Guess what, tomorrow is Labour's Day and it's not inclusive in your detention regulation therefore Tommy has been incarcerated for one innocent day that is our Labour's Day.

Since when does the law have holidays? This we can accede in Malaysia,our civil servant in exclusive DOES have their BUMIPUTERA rights to be lazy to file a charge against a suspect and worst the Chief Inspector of that particular police station can be uncontactable to finalise those charges on public holidays.

It's inevitable within our so-call developing society. Anyway, Tommy was never offended by this miscarriage of justice because he trully enjoys the free food while under detention.

The main reason Tommy went to Subaru Club isn't just to drink alcohol that simply but for a side entertainment which he hopes to enjoy. For those who lives in complete oblivion of clubs around Kuala Lumpur city centre, Subaru Club serve not only alcohol to their customer but also sexual service. It's secret name is Subaru KTV Club.

Now, Tommy not only doesn't get what he wants, getting laid ,he also gets a tight slapped of RM 3000 by the magistrate court which was after an appeal of initial RM 6000 fine.

This is what I call "Killing two stone with one bird"

Tommy being the bird and the stone being the offence he was charged for. Consequence, the bird knocked until its head was bloody. In another word, SOHAI~

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