Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I've changed my car (part 1)

Not many knew I've changed my car like HongJin aka Agong for an instant. Many still thought I was stuck with my old reddish underdog looking ride. So for those who still don't already know, I'm driving an Evo7 now.

Why Evo7 asked you. Well let's talk about my old reddish underdog looking ride first. I'll named my old reddish underdog looking ride as Red Potato(RP) for simplication sake. You see, RP was first inherit to me from my brother after he went oversea to read engineering. I was left with no choice but to accept RP since she has been idle in the car porch for few months already.

So the first thing a law abiding teenage boy like me did was to stick my P sticker on RP's windshields. Next thing I would do is to bring my dad out for a dim sum. Of course NOT. I went for a spin at a nearest street to check out RP's current performance.Shamefully I've to admit, my brother hasn't been maintaining RP well before he left her for me to shag. The paintjob is peeling itself,indicator around the speedometer malfunctioned and tyre alignment was erratic. That didn't stopped me from taking a corner near a coffee shop at 80km/h. Yes, RP skidded.

On that day onwards I start enjoying taking corners at high speed (thrill of skidding) and does 360 at empty car park. My crave for death thrill is yet to be satisfied. Without the parents knowledge, I decided to rob some banks and kid's candy bar to finance my upcoming project. Yes. My ultimate Project D. From the money I illegitamately obtained, I overhauled RP's stock engine to Toyota Supra MK3 turbo Z 1987 engine. Sorry I've forgotten the engine's name. Here's the picture of the car engine I overhauled from.

The mechanic I've contracted tried very hard to smuggle it into Malaysia just for me. I'm so touched. So I give me 5 ringgit tips upon overhaul completion. At first I thought of getting the Supra engine from JZ turbo version but it's just beyond my financial capability at that time.

After the overhaul, I give her a new paintjob. From that day onwards, RP is empowered with a Supra engine underneath the local-ish underdog looking ride. That is also the beginning of the days when I get numerous summone from our friendly traffic warden for driving on bus lane,failing to wear seat belt, use handphone while driving,roadtax expired and etc etc. That is also the beginning of me starting to race with those ambitious novice Wira-lution drivers illegally. Most of this wira-lution knights seems to be very kamikaze when they're racing. Don't they ever chill or relax? Why risk your life swerving left and right lane like your grandfathers road without indicator just to catch me? Other people has family member to take care of you know.

Soon I find it boring to race with those petty Wira-lution knights. They are simply too dangerous for me. Almost forgot, the Supra engine I overhauled builds me a clean 450 break horse power(bhp).With such muscular power, next I brought my RP to nearby hill for a drift.Hulu Langat hill if you're asking. Here is where my ultimate drift machine is put to a test. Every Thursday night my RP would tear the silent hill with its robust exhaust roar produced from the great combination of both Ah Keong Ltd intake system and Apexs mis-firing system. All those Muslim cousin of us who perpetuate the hill for a dirty little shag are caught naked without clothes because all their clothes has been blowned down the hill by my RP's cukup canggih exhaust wave.

Everyday I cooked myself with Keiichi Tsuchiya's Drift Bible video to improve my drifting skill. I devote most of my time for the King's lecture. Each month I mastered new the skill required to be a drifter. I acquired the Handbrake Sideway drift,Power Over drift, Brake drift,Feint drift and Shift Lock drift in no less than 2 years. I'm a talented bugger if you ask me. Each night I'll leave several burnout and skid mark at each corner as a watermark of my success.

My existence soon caught up by few underground racer that lives nearby.Little did I know, this underground racers have frequent the hill on every weekends. They are more experience than I am. On one Saturday I drove my friend's SLK(sweet little kancil,mind you) up the hilltop to spy on all these Ah Beng racer.

There's a western restaurant located on top of the hill where it over looks the Kuala Lumpur skylight. I sat beside the large table occupied by those underground racers that frequent this hill so that I can eavesdrop anything that is of a peril to me. There are 4 guys sitting at the table. A guy with a long ponytail clad in a black T printed "I'm horny" uttered to a big figured guy on his right.

"Taiko, I hear people say many Melayu couple scared of shagging at this hill edi. Because got 1 red colour car always drift at this hill at the wrong time. Time when all people is suppose to be shagging.If this thing continues arh... i tell you the tourism at this hill especially our restaurant's name will be goreng-ed.No people will come and eat here anymore because they cannot shag after eating"

Taiko replied,"What.Cao cibai! Whose the fella creating such a nuisance to us?"

The guy with a long ponytail clad in a black T printed "I'm horny" ," We don't know la...we yet to find out his identity. You know la I where got so free to check girlfriend always want to busy with me.Anyway, I heard people say this fella's car is red in colour and the body looks abit local la...but the sounds very Japanese."

Taiko replied,"Kan nina....Wei, really so difficult to see what car he's driving meh?Ask your spy see what car he's driving.How to challenge him when we don't know what car he's driving"

The guy with a long ponytail clad in a black T printed "I'm horny" replied, " Check edi but the car no badge one"

All 3 [ -_-"] ( I don't know how to put this emoticon in words)

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