Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A better tomorrow

Thousand words fused together without being concise nor precise
All but a mere implication of a better tomorrow
Leaving anxious doubt unanswered
Forerun an unbearable indignant
That one,who couldn't stand the agony
Is left alone in front of a shattered mirror
With hands of suicide attempt
Before the mirror that used to suffuse with hope
Hope that promised happiness and bliss
Is now shadowing the different pieces of broken glass
That another,wish to revive the hope again
An effort tougher than binding shattered glasses with glue
Task alongside a vovage to the moon
Obliges devotion and sacrifice
And also a life for and exchange of the hope
That another has fatigue a sportsman would challenge
But an unchallenged desire to repent
To compensate the loss caused
Never change
A poem still an implication of a better tomorrow
With thousand words that need to be deciphered
And dreams to be made realised.


Long time didn't write sissy poem edi...haha.

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