Thursday, August 23, 2007


I saw her walking towards me. She saw me and I saw her. We both tagged our eyes with each other.

I was in the car and she was on road. Our distance gets closer. She walks with her friend. Pretending to listen to her friend. Her eyes was looking at my eyes.

My eyes were looking at hers. My head locked on her movement and turned as she was by my side. Her friend still talking and she still wasn't paying any attention.

We're both few feet apart. So I smiled. She smiled back at me. Such a sweet smile.

Now she has walked pass my car.

I put my head out of the unwinded window to catch a final glimpse of her. She has a nice figure. A nice bum bum.

It shocked me. She looked back at me. So I smiled and nodded and she smiled and nodded back at me.

"Can I have your handphone number?" , was stuck in my throat. I just had a big bowl of hakka mee. Very the full.

I look into my side mirror. Missing her already.

I saw myself in the mirror. Shieetttt!!!! Got one leftover mee at the tip of my mouth.

Si-beh not leng chai edi...


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