Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Samaritan I am

It was just one of those days when I need to attend dinner cum social function with those bankers. This time around the meet up was held at a karaoke lounge in The Gardens. Please don't try to compel me to name that despicable place here that serve extremely low quality of buffet cum cheapo beverages. You ah beng out there would know which lounge I'm refering to.

Anyway, today I decide to leave the social function early as I've done my job to entertain the bankers on behalf of my company and seriously I'm noise phobia. Why can't people have a descent dinner without noisy background so that we can properly social among ourself without the need to raise our voice at the top of our lung across the room just to say "How are you?" Nonsense right? Luckily not all business function were held in karaoke lounge otherwise I'm ah-beng-ni-fied.

My plan to leave early appear to place me at avail because I gave a stranger, an insatiable hot stranger a ride to her car in the car park.

Okay this is how the story goes. As I was leaving and entering The Gardens Upper level car park, I saw a hot chick clad in black dress at 1 o'clock walking along the car park area presumably either going into The Gardens or is finding her car to leave the place. To be less obvious that I was taking notice of her presence, I just look around at some parked continental cars ,to wit BMW 5 series and Mercedes Benz under the pretense I didn't see her at all.

Was this my lucky day? She suddenly call out to me and said , " Excuse me, can you help me?" I was like , woh how often does a hot chick call out for me somemore when I'm not in my best of attire.

"Yes, how can I help you?" I replied (Ingat dia kena rompak ke tak tau lagi la...sibuk tanya dulu)

"I can't find my car. I remember parking somewhere here but I just don't seem to find it". She continues, " I parked at 6A"

I looked at her dumbfounded, " but here is 6C" I sarcastically replied imputing are you blind dumb or mentally retarded?

"Yes, but I think it's somewhere around here", she repsonded.

" What is the number plate?"

" XXX 567X" (I'm keeping the 4 digit number secret because I'm going to buy toto the next day)

"What type of car and colour?"

"Black Vios"

I hesistate for a moment.

"Can you send me around to look for my car?", she asked.

I obliged.

On our way looking for her car, she tried to be social-able. " My name is Shiroki by the way and whats yours?" I replied accordingly.

Then I asked ," Are you a Malaysian?".

"Yes", she replied.

"Really? Because you know it's not usual for a Malaysian to have such a name", we both chuckled.

" So you just got out from G6?" she asked.

I was like, what the hell? Do I look like I'm going to a club to you? Although I dress abit smarter today but not necessary means I'm going to those drunkard's heaven. Okayla..maybe it's a compliment to me. I can take it that way. No harm caused but definitely self-esteem raised.

I mean, HOW OFTEN do you get a compliment from a hot lady whom you barely know of?

"Nah..I just got off from the karaoke lounge for business function"

Before we knew it, we have found her car and she jumps up in joy. She then left for her car and we both bid each other safe journey home.

End of story.

The reason why I want to share this extraordinary story of my life is because HOW OFTEN do I get talk to an unknown hot lady. It's like hardly! Probably 0.3 % of my life.

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