Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facts of Life, You Don't Have A Choice When You Live in Poverty

If you think the line of work I'm engage in is lucrative, easy and comfortable, well think again.

The position we inadvertently placed ourself at is completely regrettable and highly unbearable if you have gone through what we have gone through.We're like standing in the prosecution dock await to be blamed and prosecuted for potential fault which may not be the cause by ours. If that wasn't emotionally excruciate enough, our effort and value depreciate as more client's are becoming more critical as they continue to misunderstood the value and effort we put into our work. They would without sympathy and mercy brush off our commitment to solve problem as being trivial and easy job. Yes, on the surface we do look like a parasite to your money but I bet you will change your view if you come and experience what we had experienced. You have to swallow a rock when it appears and comes to you and you have and must not have anything to say about it.

If I could turn back time, " I wish I'm a billionaire so freaking bad "

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