Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deliciously 1Malaysia

Hi guys, have you heard about the Deliciously 1Malaysia food exhibition that's going to be held at PWTC on 18-20 December 2009? If you don't quickly head over to their website and get yourself educated there.

Excitement has already started building up and the anxiety is simply unbearable for me to wait the day to come. It's simply irresistable. FOOD!!!! Faster faster come.

On that day itself,there will be a massive load of Malaysian food on showcase and the best part is, there's sampling available. Glutton like me await this moment to come for like FOREVER. For your info, the exhibition will showcase some of the top Malaysian food ranging from very typical street food like char kao teow and ice kacang to higher end dining food like Gordon Ramsy's.

Beside that, cooking workshop and competition will held there as well for the benefit of unskillful cooking patrons. All si lai-si lai(s) are envisaged to present on the date and I'm will not absent either. This is really a good chance for me to learn to cook from renowed chef so I would not have problem in the future to win girls heart with my aromatic dishes. (Nowadays girls doesn't like flowers anymore, they prefer chicken wing and satay) I wonder will Agnes Chang be there? I'm actually her avid fan.

Come join me,don't let this opportunity go down the drain and together we go and taste all the mouthalicious food exhibit and for once we can enjoy the life of an emperor, to eat all the nice food in front of us without paying! (Chinese has a saying, sik pa wong chan)

Okay la...maybe not all food there are free. Some of it you probably need to pay otherwise the restaurant owner will go bust if there's only expenditure going out to fatten beggar like us and no money coming in. Probably they will induce you to buy some of their easy-cook product like those add a bowl of hot water in a mee cup and you will get the same mee taste as if you cooked them in conventional method after 5 minutes. So do embrace for hard sell promoter in the exhibition later. Anyway, promoter will hardly be in my way whenever there's free food in the picture. Anggap diorang merepek aje.

Things about to expect there:
*Over 100 booths of F&B product and restaurant showcase
*Over 100 exciting F&B related activities and programs
*Over 50 mouth-watering hawkers’ delights – showcasing the best of malaysian street food
*Over 30 international & local chef demonstrations and food acrobats
*Cooking contests and lots of prizes to be won!

So whoever wants to go with me please pm me. The more the merrier. I will come back for with many many picture of foods!

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