Monday, December 14, 2009


11-12-09 The day I experienced the worst KL traffic jam of my life. I didn't expect it to takes me 2 freaking hour just to reach Jalan Duta from Cheras Leisure Mall. No matter which short cut I take to reach my destination, the jam will only get worst but not better.

First and foremost I will never ever again take a short cut route through industrial area, during lunch hour, nor Seremban Highway during public holiday. The traffic is traumatisingly deplorable! I will never want to go over that AGAIN! Even if you begs me to.

Bukit Bintang road was closed for whatever reason I'm not privy of and coincidently the time clashes with our beloved Muslim friend Friday prayers in the afternoon ,together with their inconsiderate triple parking on highway which accumulate and as one it created a massive chain reaction of traffic jams all around KL.

But what the fuck most depressing part about this jam I've endured from 12 - 2 pm is that the jam just poof away unnoticed at sharp 2 pm. It's like as if the most unimaginable traffic jam I've endured from 12-2 pm has never happened on 11-12-09. Damn this is more scary than watching the movie 2012.

Me want to share this mumbling kid singing on one of Jason Maraz hits. Enjoy.

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