Thursday, December 17, 2009

Annual phobia

I feel very uneasy today but I don't know why.

It feels like as if its a special day to me.

In overall, I just feel like wanted to buy a pot of flowers and place it over at verandah and follow it's blossom closely everyday. I've always fond to see the beauty of flowers multiplying itself on the plant as the anticipation to wait for something lovely and beautiful to emerge from it is simply ecstatic.

I just feel very happy. Somehow or other I feel 17th December is a significant date in my walks of life. Something ought to be memorable. Something touching and lovely.

Inspite that, I wish to dedicate today to be a special day to me so that I have one special day to feel special atleast in a year.

But however, it's still the same old proletariat day out of 365 days.

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