Friday, June 25, 2010

Non-sensical defence

A close friend request that I should stop my charade from pretending someone that I am not and should revert back to my original identity in one of the most popular social network site in the cyberspace. However despite the good advise that is much appreciated , I decide to contend what she contend over in the first place which is my alleged disturbed dishonest identity attribute in the most popular social network site in the cyberspace.

I strongly object to her discontent that what I'm actually doing in the social network site is a charade on my part and such conduct of mine are unethical,despicable and ought to be extensively condemned as she thinks this is the right thing to do in order to effectively lead me back to correct path as this is what Jesus wants it to be.(Sheer mocking, don't feel offended yah)

To be proactive, Denise is not a complete identity fraud as contrary to some whom might think it is. In general people are of the view that there's a stark difference between the word Denise and Dennis whereby the former applies to ladies while the latter applies to gentlemen. Yes, I concur with you to 100%. This is supported by the literal interpretation of the Oxford Dictionary. No contend in this matter.

However, in my defence, as far as my anthropolgy experience in our society is concern, the practical exprience, there are people out there who still continue to misunderstood that Denise is male gendered. I did not made this up as I personally experience this before. I seriously can't believe it that people would pronounce and perceive Denise to be the same as Dennis when its completely the opposite in terms of pronunciation and most importantly spelling wise.

Well, it's understandable if these unique group of people are narrowly chinese educated and have low appreciation for the concept of English language ( reminds me of Concept of Law) but having to come across a lawyer who does the same mistake greatly affirm the fact that using Denise to represent Dennis is no wrong.

Even lawyer thinks Denise is Dennis so how wrong can I be? Although I know the fact this is a limited application towards only ah beng lawyer to make such a foolish mistake and a joke out of themself but I remain adamant and obstinate not to tow the non-foolish people's line of argument. I want to join the weird group. Be exotic. Be uniquely different. Be 1Malaysia.

If there's a minority group people who think differently from the majority group, does that makes the minority group thinking wrong?

No. If everyone thinks the same except you alone in the global who thinks differently, then you're wrong. Then your action are justified to be held unethical,despicable and ought to be extensively condemned!

In my defence, there are people out there who still pronounce Denise as Dennis so this would only mean one thing that I'm not deceiving EVERYONE with my alleged inaccurate name in cycberspace because someone is reading my alleged inaccurate name as what it naturally means. If their pronunciation of such word meets the same pronunciation of my real name how can I be wrong?

Well, I can't satisfy everyone's demand right? I need to cater my identity to those pitiful soul who can't differentiate between Denise and Dennis.

So I rest my case. My lunatic case haha....


ja said...

how about you using girl's picture as profile photo and always untag urself whenever i tag the real you? =P

Cnigel said...

wat if i say i put up a girls pic due to my admiration of her beauty? ppl always put up picture that they like in fb why cant i? the same logic should apply

ja said...

you didnt answer me 2nd question. =P

Cnigel said...

lol...ure really persistent in demand for ur answer. should i try to defend myself on the 2nd point. about i dun wan my girl friend see oja's pic and pay too much attention to him rather than the real me coz obviously there's vast good lookingness in between us.i dun wan to be overshadowed by ur ke-henseman.this answer can ar?haha