Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shall I listen to you?

Together let us watch how this bunch of novice student yang tak sedar diri humiliate themself in from of the nation through their less impressive charisma.

Here's my advise to you. Go back and revise your law books thoroughly and be hopeful that you'd pass your law examination without any recurrent sitting before you even start thinking of consulting people.

Could anyone recognise this few clowns and tell me which school they have enrolled to read law? Because hell, I'll feel disgraced if ever they're at my vicinity. *Diao ga*(Buat malu)

And to whichever Law School Director who recognise this 3 clown from your institution, I plead for your conscious to quickly kick them out of your institution to save your school some grace. *Diao ga*

*I can sense my karma level is boiling after I wrote this*

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