Friday, February 26, 2010

High School in Genting? Co-ed school?

I went up to Genting last Friday with my friends to test their luck hoping to win some cold cash from Uncle Lim's casino. However my point writing this post is that I went to the toilet in First World to let go small water and consequentially caught such sight by surprise which was painted on the toilet's door the cubicle I went in to release my air kencing.(Less details on answering nature's call please)

Could anyone be kind enough to offer me their help me at translating this ancient piece of script for my viewers knowledge and pleasure?

The only word I can decipher from my mandarin illiterate brain is that the message should involve sexy school girls haha....I bet the content would be interesting once the content is encripted into our comprehensible language.

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wonghon said...

you should call the number and i bet they will tell you all the details about it..very very detail..ahaha