Friday, March 19, 2010

Question with a Problem

I hereby put the dare to all law student out there to attempt this question set out below so you could prove to everyone that you are absolutely ready and qualified without a doubt to become the legal system spokeperson because you my friend earned it. However ,please borne in mind that whichever answer you opt for may not necessary affect your future credential as a legal official/personnel/assistant/executive but it may only result you in being the laughingstock among your peers.

To avoid generalisation, anyone who studied law before irregards whether you learn in A-Level or in Degree are allowed to answer this question.

Try to answer this. (Fill in the blank)

________________ is an act or promise to do something.
a) Acceptance
b) Offer
c) Consideration
d) Counter Offer

Please put your answer in the comment section. You may pass the link to anyone who you think is capable of answering it. The more participants involved the merrier.

Anyway, I would honestly tell you now that I do not know the answer. That's why I need the greater intelligent human being to let me know the answer.

Note: I extract this question from a questionaire which I will reveal in the future. For the moment please attempt this question.


ja said...

me lawless but i try a) Acceptance.

sahaja tembak!!

Micca the Princess said...


Anonymous said...

on part of the surface it could be seen as a consideration

Yeu said...

(b) offer ?