Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Idea Gone Bad

This morning Fly FM morning crew asked us, the listener, to share with them a story in their life about any good idea that they have think of but has gone bad. As such, I would like to nominate this video as my choice for "good idea that gone bad"

You see, in this video, this boyfriend who is passionate about marrying his 1 year old long girlfriend decides to give his girlfriend a surprise marriage proposal just like any other Romeo out there would do the same which so much so that their modus operandi so commonly use till the extent I could hardly find it that surprising anymore.

It's the rule of thumb for them to use element of surprise in order to procure an outcome that would rule in his favour. Just like in the case above, when you secretly hide the diamond ring at the place where your girlfriend would find it , you are devising a trap so the weaker gender could fall into it and whilst under your whim and the power of shining diamond before their eyes, the girls could never say no to your "Oh-so-romantic-oh-my-god-I-can't-believe-this-is-happening-to-me-just-like-in-the-movie" kind of proposal.

Anyway, what I find most amusing about this video is not the fact that the girl had failed to appreciate when her boyfriend tried to pass her the socks enclosed with the diamond ring hopeful if she has acknowledged the hidden content she would cool down then it creates a leverage for the boys to receive a passionate kiss in return. But it was amusing by the fact that the girl threw a tantrum not because the boyfriend watches such films but because she mistakenly belief that the boyfriend had no intention to watch with her!! That's the reason behind why she sulk so badly.

If that wasn't absurd enough, she further accuse the boyfriend as "bin-tai" because he watches the adult film with his friend instead of with her. Implicitly suggest are you gay or something? You should watch this with your girlfriend and not with boys. ( Mr.Kok Fai please take heed of this advise and stop offering YY and WongHon to overnight at your place so you could share your ultimate collection with them otherwise girls will think you're gay )

I trully pity this guy. A perfect example of "good idea gone bad". He doesn't not only not get the outcome he wanted but his not so perfect plan has indubitably crumble and exacerbate his future relationship with the girlfriend. I really feel sorry for him and hope he will mend back with the girlfriend soon but honestly deep down in my heart, I chuckled!

That's why. Kevin. Don't be like him. Keeping adult films at your house is only detrimental and brings no benefit to you and your relationship with girlfriend. Therefore ,learn from other people's mistake. Watch with her.


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