Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My 3 sen

On last Saturday, I helped my mom to refill her car fuel at nearby petrol station. She gave me RM50 and I paid them at the petrol station cashier in full sum with intend to fill up the tank to its fullest.

The pump machine( I don't whats the correct term for it) only capable of register RM46.03 as the highest amount payable for my full tank. I was in the midst of rushing to my friends house and without further hesitate I went over to the cashier to collect my balance payment. I tell myself, probably they won't charge me the additional 3 sen since its a trivial amount and the goverment have introduced the "amalan membundarkan setiap bayaran" part of the enchancement of our economy. However, as the cashier cash out, the cash machine indicate they are going to charge me exactly what's stated on the pump machine and the balance return would be RM3.97.

I was dissapointed as I don't get to enjoy a 3 sen waiver but I was fine with it since understood you're suppose to pay for what you've consumed. As the cashier hand over the balance to me and the moment I count the balance returned, I blew my top off.

He gave me RM3.90.


He gave me RM3.90 instead of RM3.97. I was like WTF. Immediately with my frust I rebuked and protested to the cashier for being unreasonable. How can you give me RM3.90 when you are suppose to pay me RM3.97. To be fair, if you don't have 7 sen to return to me then don't charge me 3 sen in the first place. Bloody hell. I almost throw my tantrum but luckily the cashier is co-operative and accede to my request and return RM4 as a compromise or else I don't know what kind of drama could take place.

Thank goodness, I walked away as a happy man and 3 sen richer.

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