Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today I came back home from office and got a shock of my life.

All the books in my room all vanished and they are no where to be found but upon further inspection at the crime scene it came to my relieve that it was just part of my family's pre-cny house-keeping. As usual my mom will get the maid to clean our rooms and while at it, she ask the maid to hide all of my books. This apply to all the rooms in the house. Chinese has this taboo that there must not be any books visible on sight during cny because books in chinese is pronounce as "shu" which bears a striking similarity with the word losing. Hence the taboo.

To be reminded that all chinese people are money-minded and on top of that, naturally borned kiasu, so therefore the chinese people would then self-advised to avoid touching any books and it's better if you don't get to see(in sight) them completely, the "evil books", from lurking around during the auspicious month of prosperity. During cny we invite prosperity into our house but not chase them away. Karma if you do that.

Anyway, just for a simple updates. I'm currently reading this book.

Was actually intend to get a book that disclose in brief all the mode of scam available in the market but it was sold out. Damn

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