Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Got money for burial mou?

You know what's the funniest thing I found out today apart from me and a coursemate coincidently have the similar killing method of tackling a girl?

Datuk Zakaria Mat Deros die of heart attack today. Well, he should be. Not only has he lost his executive councillor position in Klang Municipal Council(MPK), so is his respetive family members. Hereafter, MPK will undergo an extreme makeover on its composition which will consist of former opposition and most importantly free of Zakaria regime.

It's actually looks like your typical Hong Kong drama ending scene for antagonis. The father a cunning businessman has a history of heart attack, the son is unfillial and spendrift who can't help but only contribute towards the plunge of company downside, while the daughter dupe the father for a cut of the company share conspired and incited by the daughter's husband aka son-in-law and run away to live happily ever after in land of far far away. At the end the father could no longer sustain the acrid crestfallen injury of his karmaful life dies of heart attack.

I wonder, where would Zakaria's family gonna live after this? Definitely not the palace because they no longer have money to set off the loan for the palace construction since all the family members now are jobless, well maybe Zakaria had pay lum sum for the construction fee hence no need to pay back loan but Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR) might wanna question Zakaria's estate over the controversial palace since now Zakaria's estate got no money to further bribe them anymore. Sigh. I think Zakaria's estate gonna leave on the street for sure because once BPR intervene, Zakaria's estate's estate will be freeze until investigation is completed.

That's why, don't just own one house. Now no house edi, where to live? Mild case scenario, as suggested by a girl , live in a condominium. But I always prefer worst case scenario which would be living on the street. Imagine this, a family of 20 comes knocks at your door step and beg for money. How cool is that? Definitely I'm gonna give 20 cent each. Don't you love being charitable?

This is the kind of scenario where I love to say, Ham Ka Chan!!!

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