Thursday, October 18, 2007

Something vain people have conceded

Volkric : adui...sal kita duorang hensem tak manyak lui macam X and Y ar? haha

Cnigel : BETUL!!

Volkric : entah-entah semua lenglui buta rupa....

Cnigel : ...sial....jgn buat aku gelak sampai mati la

Volkric : haha....

Cnigel : tarc tu kan banyak. spread ur wings sure dapat con beberapa balik 1

Volkric : takleh....tarc lala too manyak. sekali lepas net...all lala....aduihai

Cnigel : lala kalau kasi masak baru matured lo

Volkric : lala kena masak lama baru buka dia punya shell la...otherwise masih lala

Cnigel : ya...masih masin

Volkric : haha...anyway..bye bye

Cnigel : ok

Volkric : nitez...muacks (lala kiss)

Cnigel : muackz (lala kiss)

Sorry for the benighted froth posted on this post. I've nothing to blog lately due to the mind ruffled by some private issue. Can't think positively right now. Only can think of potato.

Anyway, anyone wanted to know how to masak these kind of seafood, lala, so that they are matured enough for you, please drop me a private message.

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wei-wei said...

wat kinda private stuff that is bothering u lar?come on...share ur problems with me..sharing is caring...bwahahaa...