Friday, October 19, 2007

Shame on you Suhakam

Suhakam acronym for Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia is a human rights watchdog in Malaysia. It was established by the Malaysian Parliament using the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia Act 1999, Act 597 has recently suffered severe critism from NGOs to opposition coalition (Barisan Alternatif) party for failure to conduct a public inquiry regarding Batu Buruk shooting incident which could have claimed 2 innocent life.

Sivarasa Rasiah (spokeperson for the crowd) is the Naib Presiden of Parti Keadilan Rakyat who said a remarkable statement which I venerate the most, " what lawyers you all have in the commission, send them back to the law school(I presume it's UM and UKM), to learn the law to understand the law with all due respect because we don't understand 'by operation of law'. This thing don't make sense"

The date of commencement of the protest mentioned by Siva in the above clip have yet to be announced. However on November 10th, BERSIH acronym for Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections , will conduct a People's Peaceful Assembly at Dataran Merdeka on the mentioned date where the convoy will march to Istana Negara to convey a memorandum requesting a clean and fair election to Yang Dipertuan Agong. Take note of the dresscode requirement for the assembly for those who are interested to participate.

November 10th assembly will be the most grand peaceful assembly(not demonstration) ever held and I hope to see some familiar face(my friends) with a liberal heart of countrymen on that memorable day. See you there.

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