Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We're always behind

Recently our local police force has came up with a brilliant way of enhancing its service to the public. As always, the bolehland nation will plagiarise other country's system and utterly fail in enforcing the advantage entails from it.

The PDRM has decided to bring the bicycle force into the street. The English has been using these bicycle force for like ages already until now only the bolehland decided to follow up the trend.

If you compare our very own bicycle force with the English, obviously ours has something amiss.
The coolness and intelligence behind the whole project.

What's so intelligent about this anyway?

English cops clad in a comfortable outfit ( skimpy short,visible clothing,jogging shoe,helmet ) which is suitable for duty flexibility.

Look what our fellow law enforcement is wearing, their uniform! I don't see anything new being implemented except getting the force some shinny new bicycle.

Have you seen anyone riding a bicycle while wearing leather shoe? I thought the force is suppose to promote safety. Where's their helmet ? Water bottle is not provided as well. How can you expect a dehydrated cops to chase after the bandits? You expect them to drop by the 7-11 for water amid their chase ar?

Don't waste our tax money on unproductive project la...use those money to fund our child's education lagi better la..or use it to diminish the proliferate poverty level la...

Do you know that our very own IGP is the culprit of all the crime currently roaming on our street? Check out the ironic part at here.

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