Tuesday, June 12, 2007

slippery when wet

hmmm women...talk about women...

i have this friend whose currently confused.he was really close with this girl and i guess he took really good care of her till he had to change college.they were not a couple or anything of that sort,they were always just really good friends.

they still seemed close after that but one day the girl decided to erase all memory he had of her?i don't know,i think she deleted all the emails he had sent her and all the emails she had sent him.see,she knew his password you see?anyway he found out and i guess he was disappointed but he held no grudge against her,at least that's what he says la.

I don't know but i think the girl did that cos she either thought they were too close and it was limiting her options? or she just didn't want to see that guy thinking about her or she just didn't damn like him kua..

Now i have no idea how long they haven't spoken for but she messaged him saying she did all that cos she didn't want him to think of her anymore.dumb lerr?OBVIOUSLY he's going to remember her now lerr...and how does she expect to make things right again? if i was in his position,i'd feel so weird meeting or talking to her again.but he tells me no,he is waiting for her to make things right,for them to be good friends again after she gets her matters into the way they should be.i think he is too dumb to even think tha things would be normal again.

weird human beings.what do you guys think about the whole issue?

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