Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Female post

My mum is a bitch. That makes me a son of a bitch.

Puny little stuff also can exaggerate it to become a major stuff. Her habit of ' tokok tambah-nasi campur-susu kambing ' starting to get on my nerve. She always like to show you the smart side of herself which I utter it fail as I always caught her bluff.

My mum's from Negri Sembilan and I notice those *cough*friend *cough* of mine who born there as well has the similar characteristic. Sorry for being stereotyping.

Anyway, we know that girls apply cosmetic-chemical-onto their face preventing the blemishes from making out in the public. They got no choice actually. Because if they don't their significant half will fall for juicy young china doll that always lurks in coffee shop. (I kena flirt before okay~)

Normally girls/women/lady use their own money to buy cosmetic goods otherwise they steal(monthly allowance) it from their husband. My point here is do you know why guys don't personally buy cosmetic product for their other half?

Because men find CARS are more attractive than women.

Some uncle pays rm350 for a bloody car waxing. Its a monthly extraction. WTH!

That's the indonesian janda I always chit-chat with while waiting for my evo7 finish bathing her ass.Note: I refer my car as a female.

Unable to upload my car picture cause you know la...illegal stuff cannot publish ma...later JPJ take the initiative to visit here then die lo.

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