Saturday, July 24, 2010

Putrajaya Floria 2010

Went to the Putrajaya Floria 2010 sometime ago. It was a marvellous grand display of mind-blowing assorted flowers being put together to showcase our nation's true love and appreciation for flowers.


Bonsai that cost a bomb!

There are myraid different types of flowers put on display at the 1 week event some of which you and I didn't know about untill you see it for yourself.

The flower festival is made successful with the help of several NGO's, independent organisation and schools around Malaysia participating at the same time compete against one and another to showcase each creativity flower display in order to appeal to the visitor who came from near and far.

The creativity contest using flowers to appeal to arts enthusiast has bring fashion completely to the next level. Flowers fashion show!!


Peterpan's girlfriend

Wedding gown

Arabic inspired dress.

It's a collection of suggestable dress to wear at a cosplay event. If you tend to dress such like to a cosplay event, please inform me, Wong Hon and Kenny.

Anyway, just of an innocnet thought, don't these partially see through dress made out of flowers ever give you the kinky idea? Kenny, you don't need to get your girl friend Victoria Secret anymore, its time to get more ecological friendly dress of cheaper cost which produce similar arousing effect for your goodself.

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