Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Malaysia Most Pretty? You decide.I've no comment.

Wong Hon, I upload the video below especially for you.

The video was forwarded to me earlier by my former coursemate in facebook for my attention and subsequently I decide to post it here as I believe it would unquestionably interest my dearest friend Wong Hon since he likes to ogle at pretty girls so much.

After complete watching the video, the only concern that goes through my mind is I hope none of you guys would find your female acquaintance appear in this video jovially flashes half of their lovely breast for the titillate pleasure of the entire nation as this bring disgrace to her entire family and her dignity for being such a cheap slut seeking for erotic publicity.

Because if you do know any of the girls in the video, kindly share her contact number at the comment section below because I believe Kenny and Wong Hon would like to know them personally in order to for them to have a heart to heart talk with the girls behind closed sound proof door.

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