Saturday, July 10, 2010

Assessment Receipt

Freaking unbelievable. Earlier in the day, I was assigned to settle the assessment receipt for the family's property on my mother behalf and to my shocking disbelief, the amount payable for a three storey terrace house exceed the amount payable for a semi detached house.

How come the amount payable is disproportionate from the value of the house? I wonder. There doesn't seem to be a clear explanation from the outset for such discrepancy to exist as I always thought normally lower tier house assessment should be lower than higher range home.

However the self-justified reason I can find to rationalise my predicament here is that both house falls under difference local council's jurisdiction. One is Ampang Jaya whilst the other is Kajang. This might possibly means Ampang Jaya City Council appear to charge more excessive than Kajang City Council.

Oh wait, perhaps optimistically the three storey house was bound for higher assessment because of it's already increase in selling value? Well, if this is the case it's definitely an assessment worth paying preclude the suspicion of unfairly charged but then again it's merely my opinion. My opinion always shot far away from the truth from time to time.

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