Friday, April 2, 2010

What things man should know how to do to be considered manly?

Many women similarly opined that if a man can't do the following he is better off not to be called a man when he’s reach the point of bearing no difference than a fag. He'd therefore best regarded as unmanly man in the derogatorily way as the word implicates.

Below tells you what women regard when a manly man exist.

The Top 5 things a man should know how to do before they are qualified for their gender recognition(how sad)in womens point of view are:-

On the 5th spot, a manly man should know how to change a light bulb or repair any other electrical appliance at home. Not the other way around.

It's the most basic criteria demanded in every women's men. If he's afraid of tiny lil' electrical shock ,there's no further need to consider will he ever stood up for you if you're in danger.

No. 4, a manly man should know how to cook

Women always fond of man who can cook. This is because women are naturally passionate and are love lust creature, whereby any form of usurping women’s role can immediately interpret as being caring and thoughtful towards her role as a women hence ultimately your action will earn yourself being the ideal man of women's life. The manly man who cares. A manly man also help out the house chore.

As of for the 3rd spot, a manly man should never be afraid of pest and shall become a women's lifetime pest killer. A very few man could fill up this spot.

I’ve few male acquaintance who are afraid of bugs and lizard. I mean literally they are afraid of those tiny little innocent insect. Their afraid level is of the mental aversion level! The moment they see an insect for example, bees, lizard,cockcroaches or worst , a cat , in their vicinity you can expect an overreaction from them as if those creature are there to kill them man.

Ironically, they are afraid if those insect would harm them however pays zero regards to the nikotine in each cigarrete they puff on daily basis.

If that wasn't shameful enough, it's disgraceful when the big strong robust *cough* man whom we often expect the least act of cowardice from would react in such a faggoish manner over a lizard or cockcroaches. Damn! What a cunt.

To be frank I think God is so unfair. He give those undeserving men with a strong and healthy body when they only have scintilla amount of guts. They got no balls man. Small penis.

Seumpama gajah takut tikus. Badan saja besar tapi penakut! Jangan jadi lelaki la..jadi pompuan lagi bagus.( How come this suddenly turns into a rant about big strong buffy guys? )

Moving on. No. 2, a man should know how to change car tyre

And the most anticipated No. 1, no manly man shall ever fail to do this. I repeat. No manly man shall ever fail to do this.


Lol..I’m just pulling your leg. This barely suggested by the women. It's purely my PG Rated suggestion. Anyway, no wrong suggesting this right? I mean, if you can't drive a women (ie to intercourse vigorously) what's the point of being a men when you fail to perform the utmost basic inclination of men in life ?

Anyway, back to the list. The one most important thing that man should know how to do in order to be regarded as manly is he must be able to drive a manual transmitted car.

Surprisingly this is the most significant criteria Malaysian women wants from Malaysian men.

Now the 5 most important criteria women want from men are listed above. Next question to be answered is, how many criteria do you fulfil my dear male reader?

I wish not to brag but to be frank I fulfilled all 5 criteria. ;P

So how manly are you?


teddy's lair said...

to be honest...I hereby, sincerely agree with all of the above...hahahahhaha....

Cnigel said...

so can your bf drive manual car?