Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mistake and Incompetent

Mistake and incompetent are completely 2 different set of words and meaning. To explain this, let just say in a given problem question you are asked to solve it using the knowledge and experience you had in hand.

You may only consider making a mistake if you failed to answer the question if you honestly do not know the solution in the first place or had applied the answer wrongly due to various understandable reason hence its excusable. Afterall human do makes mistake. Who doesn't.

But if you knew the solution and to make matter worst ,you knew the best solution in the first place and yet you failed to solve the question given using the given knowledge and experience you have. How shall this reflect to your credibility?

Isn't this not what we call as incompetency at the highest order? You have omitted your duty to do what is right and correct. The reason why you couldn't solve the problem question is because you divested your job responsibility at the first instant when the question was first forwarded to you. It was you sheer reluctancy to bear any responsibility attached that has caused you being label as " Incompetent" on your forehead.

And it's highly unpalatable ,as far as I'm concern, if you dare to held both words as to bear the similar meaning because the way I see it, it's just another one of your lazy attempt to divest yourself from the liability if you do.